Protocol for Telegram Admins

Increasing Professionalism While Keeping it Natural

We don’t want to turn our social media platforms or their administrators into cold robots, but at the same time providing a consistent customer (in our case, investor) experience is key to quality branding.

This protocol / decision tree would not be for normal conversation. We see how the community interacts with one another and admins are part of that community. Friendly conversations, brainstorming and the like would continue as-is: Natural and organic discussions.

However, for common questions or statements, a response bank could be developed. Think of this idea as a FAQ answer bank in application on social sites.

Someone comes on and says “When new exchange?”; admins will have a response for that.

Someone comes on and says “When is the swap?”; admins will have a response for that.

“New news?”, “When moon?”, “Admin please DM me” etc etc. Consistent responses that conveys both brand and personality.

This protocol would mainly apply to new interests or repeating questions. We don’t want to turn our admins and the brand into robots. All I’m saying is that there is some “low lying fruit” to improve systemizations and professionalism.


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  1. A great idea, and something like a vechain /thor wiki, user puts a question, admin command / 1 and Bot Wiki answers the question.
    Administrators will be an easy job, and chat will look more professional.
    If Uwiki exists then I can apply for administrator because the language barrier will not be as important as I will have a Help tool in the Uwiki 🙂

  2. I’m liking this idea. So we could have a Uwiki webpage and a Uwiki bot that pulls from the same database for the answers.

    The questions and answers could be displayed on a normal wiki type webpage/site and the bot, on command, could post the answer and a link to the wiki in whatever chat its installed on.

    Having the wiki website based also allows admins to search for the right /# since they probably won’t remember each answer and its number.

    Great idea!

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