Discussion to Reduce UpBet Withdraw Fee

Discussion to Reduce UpBet Withdraw Fee

With the incredible rise of UUU recently, the 5,000UUU withdraw fee is now a bit too high many believe. It was designed to be a deterrent for bots looking to scalp a free lunch with referral rewards and still functions as such. But for us human users, the fee is now a bit too high at $30 at the time of this article posting.

We have to way the needs of our existing users against the desire to offer new registrants rewards for referring. Attractive rewards help us grow, but sky high withdraws have the opposite effect and create a bad reputation for Upbet.

Should we reduce the withdraw fee on Upbet? If so, to what? If so, should the referral fee also be reduced down to the new withdraw fee? Are there other reward mechanisms we could discuss that are less likely to be abused?

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  1. I suggested a long while that the value of withdraw/min bet etc should be pegged to a specific usd dollar value.

    It shouldnt be too hard to do that.

    eg. $5USD, 3 months ago that was 12500 uuu, currently $5USD is 833 uuu.

    Re referal system though is has been great what are the options? We could have a similar peg such as get $2USD free to use on upbet so has same effect? Or maybe the referal system can change to refer a user and get there first bet 1000 uuu (min bet whichever) bet free but people that use that bet dont get the vote returned if they win, just the profits. This may be a better solution and might attract more initial users?

  2. For referal could do it via ugot to reward people for getting users. Tie in with the upgrade in a few weeks. Therefore getting people interested/taking part in bounty and at same time talking up/raising awareness of upbet. Referers get paid in ugot, referals get the first min bet free when they deposit 20000 uuu into the platform or something.

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