“Digesting” Bi-Weekly Reports

Making Bi-Weekly Reports More Friendly

Current Situation

Look at the wealth of information provided to our community. Bi-weekly reports, major milestone reports, exchange announcement, partnership announcements, dapp development announcements.

See for yourself:

Dozens of articles; hundreds of discussion points; tens of thousands of words typed.

Yet it goes under utilized.

Look at our Telegram chat with almost daily “No new news?” type statements. It’s all right here, yet it seems a good percentage of our community is not aware. We can help change that with relatively minimal effort.

Overview of Proposed Initiative

A promotional framework can be established to help the community take in this information in more manageable chunks. Such a decision framework could guide a Community Team to foster additional discussions based on information provided. This is not a strategy for shilling; instead this proposed framework would help the Community Team to identify “low hanging fruit” delivered via new Core Team announcements efficiently.

The framework could consist of “types” of discussion prompts, their steps of development and their steps for deployment. In this way, the each Community Team Member could quickly volunteer to take on tasks and allow other members to work on other tasks (so no double work) or to prepare to facilitate deployment of another’s completed task.

“Types” of Discussions

So first, what are the main “types” of discussions that could be identified so we could put them in a decision framework?

Here’s what I thought of; add some more if you want:

  • Requests for Clarification (Helpful)
    • Something isn’t 100% clear in a report.
    • Additional examples of an announcement topic.
    • Additional specifics on a vague statement.
  • Speculation (Fun)
    • If a hint or a secret is mentioned, what is it?
    • Best-case scenario of a new feature’s use-case.
  • Re-Announcement (Helpful)
    • For items that are particularly “sexy” like the VR room, quality partnership announcements, major milestones, etc.
  • “Big Picture” (Helpful)
    • How a new partnership / feature / dapp builds into the grand scheme.
    • Importance of particular technical specs.
  • Comparison (Controversial)
    • Comparing UNetwork specs to similar projects (like so: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DcSXtrVUwAAqc10.jpg)
    • Comparing UNetwork mechanisms to the status-quo (Other cryptos like Steem as well as centralized platforms like Reddit)

I’m sure there’s more “types” of discussions and we can expand or refine them as needed. The key takeaway here is to create a short list of “types” such that we can quickly just play a “matching game” with our framework and an announcement to quickly come up with a schedule of “mini announcements” that drip onto our community. Furthermore, by assigning “types” we can see which “types” of sharing engages the best.

It’s all based on the same content that is provided, but it is broken into more digestible pieces in a way that fosters engagement and discussion.

The Deliverable

Then, key aspects of reports can be placed within infographic templates for quick creation (as shown in the screenshot above). Creation of the template would be time consuming, but it would pay off in the tuime saved in creating new graphics every 2 weeks. The graphics would be broken into 2:1 chunks so users could select the parts they want to share and easily do so on social platforms.

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