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So this one is a bit half-baked so bare with me. Its a bit outside my sphere of expertise.

Take a look at the screenshot above in which a Chrome extension is used to pay “TUBE” tokens to video content creators as a donation. We all know of Chrome extension wallets which increase the ease in which tokens can be transferred. So this would be the baseline for the idea, but it goes further than that.

Recall the main voting mechanism for UCommunity (detailed in the white paper). Content had to be hosted on the UCommunity system for the voting mechanisms to work. What if any text content online could be voted on through this Chrome extension?

For example, with the Chrome extension installed, you visit a medium article (or any text article anywhere online). Then, on the extension itself, you upvote or downvote the content. If anyone else with the extension visits the same webpage (before any changes are made, details on that below), they can see the vote can and can cast their own vote.

If you are the first to vote then a text-only copy of the webpage is stored on the blockchain. All subsequent votes first compare the current text copy on the blockchain with the webpage the new voter has visited. If the text content had changed, then a dialog box pops up on the extension informing the new voter that the content had changed. They can review the changes and either start a new vote or continue with the old vote.

The above section is why this idea is “half-baked” I’m having trouble making the voting concept work with webpages that can be changed by site admins whenever they want.

Just an idea. Your brainstorming is welcome.

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